Society for People Action in Rural Service and Health

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About us

Society for Peoples Action in Rural Service & Health (SPARSH) was formed by the youth active members who are devoted for the cause of welfare of the society. It was formed for the upliftment of the downtrodden community, for the vulnerable class of the society and mainly backward community who are deprived of social, economic, physical and education development. Since, its existence, the organization is engaged in the welfare and development activities meant for the cause of the welfare of the most of vulnerable class of the society, weaker sections of the society. In order to achieve the goals of the society, the organization has undertaken manifold activities.

What Do We Do

  • Improving health with life cycle approach.
  • To minimize risk behaviour factor in adolescents.
  • Researches and intervention on Health, MNREGA, Panchayat raj, forest (Van Adhikar act) livelihood at grass root levels to strengthen the system.
  • Enhancing status of women through solidarity and socio-economic empowerment.
  • To work for women and child rights as well as their development.
  • Promotion of income generation activities for the rural women and youth for their socio economic empowerment within their villages.
  • Poverty mitigation through livelihoods strengthening.
  • To uplift rural peoples socially, morally and economically.
  • To eliminate all kinds of discrimination based on caste, class, and gender.
  • To organize Tribal and Dalit community and other weaker sections of the society.
  • To create awareness among Tribal community and other weaker sections regarding their entitlements.
  • Encouraging a process of collective self-empowerment whereby local people begin to develop the capacity to assert greater control over their developmental problems.
  • Strengthen people’s institutions at the village level, enhance empowerment of local women, and facilitate self-reliance of the local communities through holistic health, economic empowerment. 


The Society Peoples Action in Society for Peoples Action in Rural Service and Heath (SAPRSH)is a Non-Profitable and Non-Governmental Organisation Registered under TRUST Registration Acton 20th February 2008. Being the social awakened youngsters, who sensed the necessity to play a helping role in the upliftment of the society, this organization has strived for the past five years towards the betterment of the rural and tribal poor.  Even before it received the legal registration as a non-governmental organization, the members of SPARSH Trust – though meagre in number – had started working in the villages among the deserted and depressed sections of the population, especially women and children.

SPARSH Trust is registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 2010 and has been extending its services to the people hailing from marginalized community with the aid funds from India and abroad.  The chief motive of the organization has been to animate, inspire and mobilize the poorest among the poor population towards their own emancipation and empowerment. The priorities of the organization include Children, Women Development, and Violence against Women, Environment, Education, Food, Nutrition, Employment, Health and AIDS Awareness.


Empowering deprived and vulnerable section of society particularly Tribal, Dalit, Women and Children by protecting human rights, capacity building, mobilization and creating health awareness through various methods and activities.


To organize and empower the most disadvantaged sections of society for sustainable and comprehensive development leading to improved quality of living.


  • Dr. Dilip Barsagade

    Dr. Dilip Barsagade

     President / Executive Director
    M.Sc.(Chem), M.S.W, M.Phil (Social Work), Ph.D. (Social Work)
    M.A. (History), M.A. (Communication), M.A. (Sociology), M. Phil (Sociology)
    M.A. (Ambedkar Thought),NET & SET (Social Work), SET (Sociology)

The Board of Trustees consists of 7 members.

1. Prof. Dr. Dilip Barsagade, President / Executive Director
2.  Mrs. Kusum Gondane, Vice- President
3. Mrs. Roza Khobragade, Secretary
4. Smt. Surekha Barsagade, Joint secretary
5. Smt. Ela Meshram, Treasurer
6. Mr. Fulchandra Khobragade, Trustee
7. Mr. Hemant Barsagade, Trustee

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